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History of Administrations of Sokehs Government

Sokehs Municipal Government was first governed under a charter government in 1958 and later transitioned to a constitutional government in 1985. The first elected Chief Magistrate of Sokehs was his late majesty honorable Kalio Artui who was also the Paramount Chief (Nanmwarki) at that time. His majesty Artui served from 1958-1960 and did not seek re-election. Second elected Chief Magistrate was a prominent minister, the late honorable Alfred Santo. He served from 1961-1966. The third elected Chief Magistrate was the late honorable Aliksos Alik who served from 1967-1969. The fourth elected Chief Magistate was the late honorable Francisco Kirielmo. He served from1970-1974. The fifth elected Chief Magistrate was the late honorable Eusepio Bermanis. He served from 1974-1975. In 1976 the late Paramount Chief (Nanmwarki) his majesty honorable Ioanis Artui was elected the 6th Chief Magistrate of Sokehs. Honorable Artui served until 1977 and did not seek re-election. In 1978 the late honorable Francisco Perman was elected the 7th Chief Magistrate and he resigned in 1979 to accept a cabinet appointment to the State government.  

In later part of 1979, the late Mr. Natchuo Fredrick became the Acting Chief Magistrate and he also accepted a position at the Pohnpei Community Action Agency in early 1980. In later part of 1980 the late honorable Kusto M. Lieman took up the Acting Chief Magistrate and was then elected the 8th Chief Magistrate of Sokehs in 1982. Honorable Kusto M. Lieman served from 1982-1999. In 1985 the Sokehs Government transitioned to a constitutional government. In November 1999 the late honorable Richard E. Susaia was elected the 9th Chief Magistrate of Sokehs. He was inaugurated in January 2000 and served from 2000-2008. In 2008 Mr. Michael T. Lieman become the 10th elected Chief Magistrate of Sokehs.  

The Framers

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