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Sokehs 10th Council

Resolution No.

Date Adopted


CR No.10-09
A resolution made by the Sokehs Municipal Government to establish a new separate Bank account of the Sokehs Municipal Government dedicated to the Sokehs Solid Waste Management Project Funds.
CR No. 10-08
Me mweidada Chief Magistrate en doadoahngki sent en OIA me pato ni wen tala $51,000 ohng ni kahrepe me koasoandi.
CR No. 10-07
Me kaselehda en Council Keisek en Wein Sokehs arail iang wahuneki oh pahtoukihla Kepinsalehdala en Sounkopwung lapalap en Wein Sokehs Honorable Eusepio Hadley.
CR No. 10-06
Urging the Governor to declare a 10 year moratorium in cutting or harvesting of mangrove timber in the mangrove forest of Soundau Channel to Dekeni Channel and cutting or harvesting Nyba frutican (parem) in Tamworohi and Kepinlahpar Palikir, Sokehs.
CR No. 10-05
Requesting Chief Magistrate to remove all unauthorised cattle (cow) gazing on the Industrial Park property.
CR No. 10-04
Expressing sincere condolences and sadness of the 10th Sokehs Municipal Council to the family of the late Iso Nahnken of Sokehs His Majesty Paulus Perman.
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