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Is it possible to make solar panel system by DIY?

Yes, it is possible, but it may be more complex and error prone if you start from scratch. First, the process of solar panel has the following steps:

Sorting of solar cells: sorting of solar cells, color difference, power, scratches, etc.

Slicing and breaking: according to the required size and voltage, the whole cell is divided.

String welding: put the cut solar cells into the machine or weld them manually.

Lamination: PET/ETFE and other surface materials+EVA+battery chip+EVA+PCB and other back materials

Laminating: after the lamination is completed, it is put into the laminating machine, and the laminating time will be different according to different products.

Assembly: take out the solar panel from the laminator, clean it and then package it.

Therefore, it is suggested that you can buy some semi-finished products online instead of starting from solar cells, which may easily lead to damage and failure.

How to build a solar panel system? You can follow the steps below (Note that before purchasing equipment, remember that solar panels purchased online may have some gaps, flaws, or other damages, which are not ideal. If you want to be ideal, you must find a professional customized solar panel manufacturer.)

Step 1: Design and size your system

Step 2 Purchase the components of solar panels (confirm the type of solar panels purchased: single crystal, polycrystalline, Sunpower)

Step 3 Purchase inverter and bracket

Step 4 Install the bracket

Step 5 Connect the solar panel to the shelf

Step 6 Install the solar inverter

If you want to DIY a solar panel system for a small project, such as as a backup power supply for the RV, this is the most meaningful. We do not recommend that you use DIY solar panel power generation system for your family, as there are too many accidents that may occur.

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